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Important Life Update! – I Quit my Job

HELLO, you beautiful, wonderful people! I’m writing this as I sit in the lap of nature. I’m surrounded by mountains, and I’m experiencing quite a different concept of living here at McLeodganj in Himachal. Can’t think of a better place to be at right now 🙂

So I’m here to tell you about a few things in my life that are a-changin’. Life as I know it, and as you have known mine to be, is taking a route that I never thought I’d be walking down, nor did I ever plan as such. It’s new, it’s scary, its uncertain, but it’s exciting as hell.

I quit my job.

You might think this is one of those stories where a girl leaves her job to travel the world, and I’m sure it looks that way, but I want to tell you what made me do this, and what I’m going to be doing now.

What’s going on?

I had a job at a multi-national bank, where I was looking after online acquiring for a certain portfolio of products. I learnt A LOT about the digital space, and about the industry I was in, but I wanted to give myself a chance to follow through on something I’ve been so, so inclined towards ever since I was a kid – writing. I started this blog about a year ago, but finding the time to update it on a regular basis, and create lots of new and interesting content was a tad challenging because of the nature of my job.

I wanted to explore more, travel longer and farther, and spend time absorbing new places and cultures, which needs time. One can only get so many leaves 😀 I was fortunate to have been in a place where I got to get out so much, but I wanted to invest more time and energy in travel. For some time, at the very least.

So I quit my job.

I am not against a full-time job. Not at all. It afforded me a certain lifestyle, a certain level of comfort, and a certain sense of security, so giving up on that was a HARD decision, trust me. And if and when I do return to the corporate world, I want it to be somewhere which aligns with my interest areas and competencies, which are changing as I continue doing what I do. I know digital. I create content. I know a smattering of photography. I write. I’m curious about a lot of things, and I’m quick. So coming back to the 9-to-5 life ain’t gonna be that hard! It may take a while, though 🙂

How did I take the decision to quit my job and travel for some time?

I saved. I saved for months, I became very practical in my expenses and brought down my bills. It’s all about priorities, and I knew a life as ambiguous as this would need a level of cushioning.

I spoke to people. Parents, friends, seniors.. People I knew would be brutally honest with me and tell me if what I was doing was the right thing, or if this would be an extremely stupid decision. Having their faith in me strengthened my faith in myself.

I read about people who have done this. I read a lot, and the truth is, the more you work on yourself, the stronger you become, the more capable you are, the easier it is for you to find work that you really like. It’s still a process for me, but I try to make each day better than the last.

So what am I doing now that I’ve quit my job?

I’m going to explore. I’m going to travel across beautiful places, meet some fantastic people, create some magical memories, and tell you guys about all of it. I’m going to write. I’m going to marry my love for travel and writing, and create something that I can be proud of.

2018 has been spectacular so far. I started my year in Pondicherry. I was in Kashmir recently (it’s paradise on earth, y’all), I went to Uttarakhand for a while, and today, I’m in Himachal, surrounded by mountains, valleys, gorgeous sunsets, beautiful sunrises, adventure, opportunity, hope, and so much love.

Will you be along with me for my journey? I’d love to see you on the road somewhere 🙂


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